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About the periodical

The scientific journal Rynok pratsi ta zajniatist' naselennia [Labor Market and Employment] has been published by Ukrainian State Employment Service Training Institute since 2002. In April 2012 Rector of the Institute Oleksij Mohyl'nyj, Professor, Doctor of Economics, became Editor-in-Chief of the periodical.

The journal focuses on the findings in economy and social work, sociology, psychology of work, and employment. Articles in the periodical place particular emphasis on lively issues of the government social policies, labor market development, increase in social standards and improvement of staff training.

Special attention is paid to promulgating new approaches pursued by local and regional employment centers, and also foreign innovations.

The journal is intended for scientists in economics, sociology, demography, psychology, state employment service staff, representatives of government authorities, non-governmental organizations, and trade unions that solve problems of employment and social protection against unemployment, employers, and private recruitment agencies' staff.

The periodical has the following sections:

- Economy of labor and employment;

- Sociology and psychology of labor and employment;

- Scientific and practical research;

- International experience;

- Practices of the State Employment Service (articles written by managers and specialists).

The magazine is entered in the list of Ukrainian official academic specialized journals in Economics (Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 747 dated July 13, 2015, and in the system Bibliometryka ukrains'koi nauky [Bibliometrics of the Ukrainian Science]. The soft copy of the journal is submitted to Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine and posted on its website.

The journal is published quarterly in Ukrainian with some of the articles in English. The circulation of the periodical is ordered depending on the subscription base.

For authors

Editorial board invites scientists and practitioners to creative cooperation and proposes to send articles in Ukrainian and English, corresponding thematic direction of the journal.

Articles are submitted in electronic and paper form in the standard Microsoft Word format (A4, font Times New Roman, size 14 pt, spacing 1.5 pt). The volume of material - 10-12 pages.

Required elements of the article: information concerning the author (full name, place of employment, position, academic degree, academic status). Title, abstract and keywords should be submitted in Ukrainian and English.

The structure of scientific article is the following: setting of a problem and highlight of its relationship with important scientific and practical tasks; analysis of recent research and publications where a solution of this problem is initiated, segregation of unsolved issues, which the article is dedicated to; statement of purpose (goal setting); statement of the main material with full justification of scientific results; conclusions concerning research and further research in this area; list of cited references.

Tables are made by tabular cells using a word processor MS Word, each item must be in a separate cell.

Articles of practical direction should disclose the specific positive experience of employment centers concerning use of proactive forms of employment, modern communication technologies, creation of additional places of work and cooperation with the social partners etc.

Requirements for graphics. Graphic material contained in this article should be inserted in the text, and attached to it. Graphs, charts, made using spreadsheet Excel, are submitted additionally in a separate file, which must contain original numeric data related to the pattern. Photos or pictures taken from the Internet, are submitted in formats .jpj, .tiff with a resolution of 300 dpi. Under graphic material, it is necessary to indicate the source of its origin. It is not necessary to use scanned graphics, their quality is not suitable for printing.

Along with the article it is necessary to submit certified in the personnel department the review of expert, whose research interests relate to the abovementioned problems and who has an appropriate academic degree.

The author of the article bear the responsibility for the contents of the article, reliability and accuracy of cited statistics, facts, quotations, proper names, place names and other information.

Editorial reserves the right to edit and shorten submitted texts without changing their integrity.


Content  4, 2016