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Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics

Department Chair: Svitlana Kozhem'iakina, Doctor of Economics, Docent (associate Professor). Research interests: Productivity at the macro level; macroeconomic issues of wages; investment policy of economic growth; investment in higher education. Courses taught: Methodology of Scientific Research; Performance Management; Economics and Management of National Economy; Regional Economy.

Contact Us:

17 Novovokzalna St., Room 314

Kyiv 03038


Telephone: +38(044) 536 1463

Email: ktepe@ukr.net

The Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics offers Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degree programs in Economics with specialization in Economics and Management of National Economy.

The department research theme is Governance of the labor market restructuring in Ukraine.


Oleksij Mohyl'nyj, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Rector (President) of the Institute. Research interests: Evolution of the theory and practice of transformation (transition) economic policy, government regulation of agricultural production, harmonization of the interests of business, government and civil society organizations in employment and labor market in rural areas in terms of European integration vector of Ukraine' development. Courses taught: Economic Theory; Methods of Teaching Economics; State Regulation of the Economy and Economic Policy.

Valentyna Balits'ka, Doctor of Economics, Professor in the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics. Research interests: Effectiveness of the mechanisms of fiscal, monetary and investment policies; factors of global instability; process of capital formation in different sectors; government regulation of the labor market and employment. Courses taught: Motivation of Staff; Modern Problems of the National Economy.

Oksana Baryshnikova, PhD in Economics, Docent (Associate Professor). Research interests: Statistical methods for the Ukrainian labor market research. Courses taught: Economic Statistics; Methodology and Organization of Scientific Research; Social and Demographic Statistics.

Maryna Savchuk, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Docent (Associate Professor). Research interests: Holomorphic function of many variables in the circular field, economic and mathematical formalization of impact of economic instability factors on the labor market in Ukraine. Courses taught: Higher Mathematics; Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics; Optimization Methods and Models; Econometrics; Computer Science; Mathematical Methods in Psychology.

Andrij Vislovukh, PhD in Military Science, Docent (Associate Professor). Research interests: Health and safety; decent work conditions; civil defense. Courses taught: Vital Activity Safety; Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety; Safety Management in the Sector; Civil Defense.

Nataliia Pryputa, PhD Student, Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Antimonopoly and competitive regulation mechanisms for the development of dairy production subcomplex. Courses taught: Business Economics; Accounting; Accounting and Auditing; Prices and Pricing.