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Department of Psychology and Social Work

Department Chair: Hlib Prib, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor in Psychology. Research interestss: Psychology of traumatic situations; psycho-social aspects of mental disorders; social psychiatry and narcology; psychosomatic disorders; Courses taught: Pathopsychology; Psychology of Traumatic Situations; Social Psychiatry; Psychosomatics.

Contact Us:

17 Novovokzalna St., Rooms 319-320


Ukraine, 03038

Telephone: (+38044) 536 1498, 536 1497

Email: kcix@ukr.net

The department offers Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degree programs in Psychology.

The department research theme is Socio-Psychological Adaptation of the Unemployed to the Specifics of the Modern Labor Market.


Valerii Dorozhkin, Doctor of Psychological Science, Docent (Associate Professor), Professor in the Department of Psychology and Social Work. Research interests: Psychology of family relationships and dynamics of change, psychology of altruism and morality, social psychology of small groups, group phenomena in psychotherapy, narrative psychology and discourse analysis, joint activities of the two trainers of training or therapeutic group. Courses taught: Socio-Psychological Training; Training of Personal Growth; Mathematical Methods in Psychology; Psychological Support of Entrepreneurship; Theoretical and Methodological Issues of Psychology; Social and Political Conflicts.

Kateryna Miliutina, Doctor of Psychological Science, Docent(Associate Professor), Professor in the Department of Psychology and Social Work. Research interests: Informal socialization of the unemployed; retraining problems, effectiveness and methods of trainings in employment service. Courses taught: Fundamentals of Psychological Practice (Practical Psychology); Practice of Individual Psychological Counseling at the Employment Service; Theory and Practice of Psychological Treatment; Theory and Practice of Psychotraining; Methodology and Organization of Research.

Larysa Matviienko, PhD in Psychology, Docent (Associate Professor), Professor in the Department of Psychology and Social Work. Research interests: The problem of emotional burnout of socionomic specialists; features of value-motivational personality sphere (including the unemployed among IDPs); psychological profile of the employment service specialist. Courses taught: Developmental Psychology; Psychodiagnostics; Differential Psychology; Philosophy of Psychology; Psychological Diagnosis and Assessment of Staff; Psychological Foundations of Vocational Guidance and Self-Determination.

Yaroslava Zelins'ka, PhD in Psychology, Docent (Associate Professor). Research interests: Adaptation problems after exposure to extreme (traumatic) stress; psychology of creativity, creativeness and talent. Courses taught: Crisis Counseling and Psychological First Aid; Ethnopsychology; Fundamentals of Psychotherapy; Psychology of Creativity; Methods of Teaching Psychological Courses."

Valentyna Kolesnikova, PhD in Psychology, Docent (Associate Professor). Research interests: Emotional intelligence, psychological support of internally displaced persons in the modern labor market, the ethics of business communication. Courses taught: General Psychology; Gerontopsychology; Family Psychology; History of Psychology; Experimental Psychology; Problems of Human Motivation and Behavior/

Olena Smirnova, PhD in Philosophy, Docent (Associate Professor). Research interests: Local employment center occupational psychology; social and psychological aspects of the labor market. Courses taught: Social Psychology; Psychology of Mass Behavior; Psychology of Organizations; Psychology of the Image; Fundamentals of Public Relations; Psychology of Religion.

Kateryna Povoroznyk, PhD in Psychology, Docent (Associate Professor) in the Department of Psychology and Social Work. Research interests: Existential psychology and psychotherapy; positive psychology, speech therapy and existential dimension of Gestalt therapy. Courses taught: Clinical Psychology; Juridical Psychology; Political Psychology; Psychology of Business Communication; Psychology of the Image.

Liudmyla Beheza, PhD in Psychology, Docent (Associate Professor) in the Department of Psychology and Social Work. Research interests: social and psychological conditions and personality adaptation; formation and the development of motivational sphereof the personality. Courses taught: The Anatomy and Evolution of the Nervous System; Fundamentals of Anthropogenesis; Fundamentals of Biology and Human Genetics; Fundamentals of Psychogenetics; Physiology and Psychology of Work; Zoopsychology and Comparative Psychology."

Mykola Sudakov, PhD in Sociology, Docent (Associate Professor), Research interests: Social and political issues, computer data processing of socio-psychological research. Courses taught: Philosophy; Social Philosophy; Social Policy; Fundamentals of Demography.

Oleksandr Dlugosh, PhD in Philology, Docent (Associate Professor). Research interests: Social work (job skills training among vulnerable groups), linguistics (terminology), reform of the employment service (occupanional shift for various age groups). Courses taught: English; Methods of Teaching, and special courses.

Liudmyla Bondarchuk, Master of Social Work, Senior Lecturer. Research interests: Social work with the family; social problems of youth; social problems of the elderly people. Courses taught: Ethics and Aesthetics; Time-Management; Theory of Social Work; Methods of Social Work; Workshop on Social Work.