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Department of Management

Department Chair: Larysa Lutaj, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Full Member of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine. Research interests: Formation of the social management strategy in the labour market. Courses taught: The Labor Market; Organization of the Manager's Everyday Work; Operations Management; Corporate Management; Strategic Management.

Contact Us:

17 Novovokzalna St., Room 310

Kyiv 03038


Telephone: +38(044) 536 1490

Email: kmend@ukr.net

The Department of Management offers Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D degree programs in Management.

The Department The department research theme is: The strategy of innovative development of the labor market in macroeconomic instability.


Nataliia Patyka, Ph.D in Economics, Docent (Associate Professor), Professor in the Department of Management, Vice-Rector for Research and Academic Affairs of Ukrainian State Employment Service Training Institute. Research interests: The strategies of Ukraine's foreign economic activity: Development and diversification of its forms. Courses taught: Foreign Economic Activity of the Enterprise.

Kateryna. Prib, Doctor of Economics, Professor. Research interestss: Measures and approaches to improving crisis management in Ukraine. Courses taught: Strategic Management; Diagnosis in the Management; Anti-Crisis Management and Organizational Development of Enterprises; Change Management.

Mykola Ruzhens'kyj, Doctor of Economics, Docent (Associate Professor), Professor in the Department of Managemen. Research interestss: Transformation of social protection institutions in macroeconomic instability. Courses taught: Political Economy; Microeconomics; Business Management; Corporate Management; Social Management.

Diana Kucherenko, PhD in Economics, Docent (Associate Professor). Research interests: Management of public institutions and its role in overcoming the economic crisis. Courses taught: International economic relations; Management; International Management; Time Management.

Nataliia Zahorodnia, PhD in Economics, Docent (Associate Professor). Research interests: Human resource management in public administration. Courses taught: Organization of the Manager's Everyday Work; Human Resource Management; Innovation Management; Financial Management; Personnel Management.

Tetiana Kuznetsova, PhD in Economics Docent (Associate Professor). Research interests: Problems of the marketing management and their impact on social protection in terms of systemic crisis. Courses taught: Marketing; Operations Management; Fundamentals of Management and Marketing; Management of Enterprises in the Market of Goods and Services; Logistics.

Olga Kovbasko, PhD in Engineering, Docent (Associate Professor). Research interests: Quality management of social services in public organizations. Courses taught: Quality Management; Organizational Behavior; Systems Theory; Technology Systems; Electronic Governance.