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About Us

Ukrainian State Employment Service Training Institute (USESTI) was established by the Ministry of Labour and the Presidium of the Union of Youth Organizations of Ukraine and opened its doors in July 1991 as the Institute for Social Management and Youth Employment. In May 1993, the Ministry of Labor of Ukraine reorganized it into the Ukrainian State Employment Service Training Institute.

The Institute is under the authority of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and operates under the State form of ownership.

The creation of a unique institution of higher learning for all intents and purposes was training, retraining and advanced training of future competitive specialists for the new organization – the State Employment Service of Ukraine, and scientific and methodological support for its activities.


Priorities and Major Areas of the Institute's Activities:

- Training future highly skilled professionals according to the relevant selected programs;

- Postgraduate programs, specifically advanced training programs designed for the State Employment Service staff;

- Training and certification of research and academic staff of highest qualification;

- Analysis, selection and dissemination among students of best practices developed at the State Employment Service;

- Carrying out research on current issues of labor market and employment, social services and social protection against unemployment;

- Scientific and methodological support for employment centers and State Employment Service centers for vocational training;

- Integration of education, research and practices into the global and European environment.

The Institute's Structure

§ Center for Advanced Training of the State Employment Service Staff;

Research Laboratory for Vocational Guidance and Vocational Training of the Unemployed;

Research Laboratory for Social Research of the Labor Market;


Theoretical and Applied Economics;


Personnel Management and Labor Economics;

Psychology and Social Work;

Public Administration and Management.

Among the academic and research staff doctors of science and full professors make up to 32 percent; PhD, docents (associate professors) 62 percent; and senior lecturers 6 percent.


The Institute offers Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degree programs in the following areas:

  • Management;
  • Psychology;
  • Economics;
  • Public Administration and Management

The Institute publishes two economics professional periodicals: the scientific and practical journal Rynok Pratsi ta Zajniatist' Naselennia (Labor Market and Employment) and the international scientific and practical journal Ekonomika ta derzhava (Economy and the State).

State-of-the-art training techniques, innovative authoring courses and methods, faculty members' fundamental scientific works and their multi-year experience in public administration and lecturing, unique facilities, and advanced training equipment is the key for the students to acquire quality modern education, comprehensive theoretical and practical training.